Lena Giffoni is an International Life Coach, Speaker and Author. She is trained in Transformational Coaching, Relationship Coaching and is a Courage Restoration Specialist.

Lena was raised in the USSR, society built on dominance, where spirituality and personal development were not taught and there were very few books available on the subjects. As a young woman she began her solo quest for spirituality and meaning.

After learning how to envision a future partner Lena began focusing on bringing a sole mate into her life. Soon after she saw her future husband in a dream and proceeded to met him two years later. Lena followed her intuition and heart and made a life changing decision to move to California to be with her man.

The transition and adjustment period were quite difficult, yet she was determined to succeed in rebuilding her life in a new country and create meaningful relationships. 

Lena continually studied personal development, applied psychology  which equipped her to help herself and others. Studying personal development techniques how to control mindset and emotions, use NLP and manifestation proved to be highly effective.

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With Masters Degrees in Education and Mathematics Lena eventually became a certified Christian Life Coach. She helps her clients regain their confidence during challenging times of transition, reach for their God-given potential and restore relationships. Lena’s research resulted in creating various programs to address and restore different aspects of relationships for her clients.

These programs are a proven way to help clients re-examine their relationships with themselves, their Creator, parents, romantic partner, relatives, friends, and money and make significant improvements.

Lena is an author of Return to Joyful Living: Reclaiming Life From Fear, Anxiety and Toxic Overthinking. 

With home base in California, she enjoys the freedom to travel internationally and work with her fabulous clients from anywhere in the world. 

Christian Life Coach for Women in Malibu and Westlake Village