A full day immersion in your dreams and desires.

Have a full day centered on you.

Go in depth with the reasons why you are not experiencing success you desire to have.

Remove the mental blocks that are holding you back.

Gain clear vision of your goals.

Create a detailed action plan. 

Receive guidance and tools to overcome mental blocks and move forward.

This package is a one-day Destination Retreat.

Inquire for more information on dates and locations available. 

​​Being in control of your emotions.

Letting go of the mental blocks that are holding you back.

Getting in touch with your desires and God's plan for an extraordinary life you are meant to live. 

Gain clarity on where to apply your energy,  skills, and expertise.

Having confidence to go for your dreams.

Have your goals mapped out with a clear plan to achieve them.

Feeling successful in all areas of your life.

Creating healthy, loving relationships with people in your life.

Being held accountable to what you are set to accomplish. 

This program is for you if you can't wait any longer and must act now.  

This is a unique opportunity to have your own private mentor who will walk with you every step of the way. You will be guided in overcoming stress and doubt and rebuilding your confidence. 

As you move forward, establishing new habits, you will receive guidance, support, and accountability  you need.



You know your business or ministry will benefit if you get in front of your ideal audience more often.

you are ready

impact more lives in your passion-based business,

Yet every time you think of gettin in front of a cmera or live audience you cringe. as a result you procrastinate and your business or ministry is suffering. 



Destination Coaching in Florence, Italy



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Break through fear and self-doubt associated with public speaking.

Focus on your goals and ways to turn them into reality. 

Identify and remove a mental block that is holding you back. 

Create an action plan.

Receive guidance and come up with an action plan to reach the success you desire.