Lena Giffoni was a guest speaker at a webinar hosted by Melita Mocnik, a life coach based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

The topic: Transform Your Self-Doubt Into Confidence and Power
for women who are

🌟 ambitious and want to unleash their potential

🌟 whose work is no longer fulfilling and who crave change but lack the courage

🌟 tired of feeling stuck and don't know where to start.

Attendees learned:

🌟 proven techniques that can help them put away the luggage of fears, doubts and unnecessary overthinking to set clear inspiring goals.

🌟 systems to make busy schedule effective (doing less, achieving more)

🌟 to listen to themselves and trust their inner voice, choosing their unique path.

Ms.Giffoni was interviewed by Connie Lee Bennet, founder of Thrive Online Academy and Global Woman Club in Paris, France.

The topic: Empowering Women Worldwide to improve their relationships so they can live inspired, joyful and fulfilled lives and learn how to LIVE IN FREEDOM in their relationships.