• ​What you need to know to manage your nervousness when giving presentations

  • Tips to help you right before the presentation

  • ​Tips to attain the desirable outcome of your presentation

  • ​​And more!

Masterclass host


Lena Giffoni is a Certified Life coach, speaker and author. 

​     Raised in the USSR, she had to   overcome numerous fears in her life, including a fear of public speaking.

​    A former Mathematician,

Lena uses a simple approach

to help her coaching clients

overcome performance anxiety,

be it speaking in front of a live audience, on video or writing a book.

Lena Giffoni




​​"​I've spent most of my life trying to stay out of the spotlight and avoid unnecessary attention.

I’ve struggled with fear and social anxieties that have often prevented me

from using the precious gifts God has given me to serve His church.


After recovering from a serious illness that lasted several years,

I felt God's gentle tug that it was time to finally 'step up' and serve on the leadership team of our very large, and growing, women's bible study.

But I was still paralyzed by the fears of the past.

Until I met with Lena.

She helped me overcome my anxiety

and see how God could use my weakness for His glory.

I accepted God's call and am now in a leadership position at our church,

serving a group of amazing ladies."

Lisa, Thousand Oaks, CA


September 26, 2018

10 AM (PDT)


 Proven Strategies to turning your fear of

public speaking into power of influence