Lena Giffoni Visibility life coach Public speaking coach Christian Life Coach for Women 

Ms. Giffoni was raised in the USSR in a society built on dominance and fear. 

As a former Mathematician Ms. Giffoni uses to-the-point method of coaching to help clients pinpoint and remove obstacles that prohibit them to be completely fulfilled and confident and live joyful and purposeful lives. 

Ms. Giffoni is an author of Return to Joyful Living: Reclaiming Life From Fear, Anxiety and Toxic Overthinking. This book describes her personal story of overcoming stress and anxiety and becoming joyful and fulfilled. 

Ms. Giffoni has dedicated her career to help women rise above dissatisfaction and mediocrity. She empowers women to grow  by overcoming fears of being seen for who they really are. Lena teaches  from spiritual perspective by connecting with their Creator on a deepest level.

With home base in California, she enjoys the freedom to travel internationally and work with her clients from anywhere in the world. 


is an International

Life Coach,


and Author. 

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