using Marco Polo app

anytime, anywhere

​​1. Click the Buy Now button to complete your purchase 
2. Download the free Marco Polo app on your phone, then add me as a contact in your phone. You need to use the correct country code. I  will send you instructions after purchase is complete.
3.  Once connected on Marco Polo begin video sharing by asking your question to me (try to limit 1 question / situation) 
4. Depending on the current volume of incoming Marco Polo clients I will reply with videos, feedback and tools you can use right away. Current average wait time for a reply is 72 hours. 
5. After two weeks as a follow- up you will submit another video sharing your progress. On this video you will have a chance to ask any final clarifying questions. Again, expect to receive response in 72 hours.

May be this coaching method is exactly what you need right now.

virtual LASER Coaching Session

30 minutes of virtual coaching

If you are tired of dreaming the same ideas and never taking that first step. 
If you are ready to move forward, yet something is stoping you. 
If you want to pinpoint causes of your procrastination.
If you are tired of repeating the same cycle over and over and over. 

If you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. 

If you are overworked, stretched thin and resentful.

If you want to recreate a feeling of empowerment. 

If you are done with pleasing everyone and never having time or energy to care for yourself. 

If you want to uncover and remove the blocks holding you back from fully living. 

If you are ready to move forward, yet something is stoping you.

If you are a transplant who desires love and belonging.

Want to give it a try?

​​​​“​     ​I'm so thankful to Lena for pulling out of me my underlying fears of success and failure. Both of those fears prohibited me from moving forward in my business. I endured months of anguish and overthinking, but wasn't able to recognize the patterns that stopped me.
In just one session Lena was able to help me identify the root fears I had, which I was not able to recognize on my own. Immediately it became clear to me what I'm supposed to do now. 
Even now I feel that I reignited my passion and regained my ability to move forward..."

​-Tanya V., Newbury Park, California

​Are you ready?

30 minutes of virtual coaching

​​How it works?

We will exchange video messages and get to the root of what is causing you pain. We will find a solution to your frustration and plan the journey ahead together.

This Marco Polo session is interactive and fun and brings a fresh way to meet. It takes away the difficulty of scheduling and fear of committing to long-term high end counseling packages when you may simply just desire one question answered, a quick reply, some guidance and a short-term accountability. 
My coaching is intuition and prayer based. I will guide you to create unshakable confidence in who you are and awaken your innate ability to solve the concerns, worries, questions and fears that are weighing on you so heavy. 

Ready to give it a try?

I know how it feels. I know first-hand how self-doubt, worrying and other negative emotions could become distractive and even paralyzing. I faced numerous challenges and obstacles in life, from life in Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union on measly $40 a month, to the move to the United States and rebuilding my life from scratch to finding a new career and meaning after the age of forty. In-between I was fired, evicted, divorced, name it!

I know how worrisome it can be to drastically change your life. I know how it feels to venture in an unfamiliar territory and not feel confident and empowered. I know how it feels to work hard and then nearly loose what you worked so hard to achieve. I know frustration, guilt, shame, fear and procrastination.

For years I did not have a grip on my emotions. ​I battled anxiety, worry and overwhelm for years.
It took me a long time to learn to face and overcome fears, procrastination and overthinking. Yet as a result I became empowered and unstoppable!

I know what it feels like to be so consumed with self-doubt and negative emotions that left me not believing in myself. I know the burden of being imprisoned by reaction to other’s opinions, judgment and criticisms. 

For way too long I was not feeling good enough, and feeling depressed from loneliness and loss of direction. 
I have been there and know how scary, dark and physically heavy it can all feel.

It does not have to take you years.
I can help you create a doable plan to rebuild your confidence, learn to control your emotions, design your relationships and reach for fulfilled life. And a short session may be a good way to start.

What worries you the most? Lets talk and figure the way out. 

I am a right coach for people who no longer want to let their past and limiting patterns hold them back from living as the fullest expression of themselves.  Those who want to leave their comfort zone, break down the box that’s confining them and rewrite their story. 

I am a coach for those who want to ignite their personal power and be in a creative flow.  Those  who want to thrive in balance and self worth now so that they feel fulfilled and abundant in the present moment. Those who are ready to peel back their layers and dive into depths within themselves.

I am a coach for individuals who want to release false identities, blaze their own trail, and discover their own inner compass so that they can live their souls calling with belief, trust and confidence. Those who are open and ready to deepen their connection to God and align with their true calling.

I am a coach for people who are willing and open to reveal their true beliefs and rules and change their perspective so to open up to their fullest potential. Those who want to make shift happen, and are ready to live in the way that will allow them to make change in their lives and the world.

I am a coach for people who want to activate their own authenticity so that they can be guided by intuition. Those who aren’t afraid to shine and work their light in order to illuminate their world and the world around them.