You thrive in achievement and action. 

You want to live on purpose and make an impact.

You want to fully experience freedom, love and joy. 

You want to feel empowered. 

You want to be successful and make a difference. 

Yet, this paralyzing fear of not being enough and doing enough prohibits you from getting to a new level. It is so frustrating!

I know how it feels. After I moved to the United States I did not feel confident nor empowered. Regardless of years of previous experiences being on stage and speaking in front of people I was concerned about my Eastern European accent and imperfect grammar. I did not want to be laughed at, misunderstood or both. I was afraid to be visible for who I really was. It took years, but I found ways to overcome these fears and frustration.

It took me a while to overcome fear of being criticized or misunderstood. I still speak with an accent and make occasional grammar errors, yet it does not stop me. I am a woman on a mission to help you overcome your fears and shine. 

It does not have to take you too much longer.

You know what you want to overcome.  You know you need a plan, but where shall you start? As one of my clients put it, "I know what to do, but how I do it?"

I can help you create a doable plan to rebuild your confidence, learn to control your mindset, design your relationships and reach for fulfilled life.

You need someone who can help you overcome your fears. They are stopping you from enjoying life you are meant to live. You already waited for too long!